Charlotte Makes The Cut For ‘World’s 100 Best Cities’ List–Just Barely

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Charlotte Makes The Cut For ‘World’s 100 Best Cities’ List–Just Barely

We’re number 99!

How do you guys feel about the fact that Charlotte made the cut for world’s best cities! And at spot 99. As reddit user Thamous pointed out,

Not last!

In response, American_cheese suggested

We should put that on signs as the city limits.

All jokes aside, the list was curated by the Resonance Consultancy, a consultancy of creative place makers, who ranked 100 of the world’s best cities. It was no surprise to see London, Paris, New York, and Chicago on the list, but surprise, surprise, Charlotte also somehow made its way onto the list beating out just one city for that last spot: Nanjing China.

Resonance Consultancy gave Charlotte a simple and sweet tagline. “Affluent, easy to love for its southern charm, and open for business and pleasure.” And gave it a longer deep dive underneath.

screenshot courtesy of bestcities.org

A lot of Charlotteans, born and raised, say that Charlotte is average, but there’s been a big shift in the culinary scene in the past several years, even catching Eater’s attention as the possible next big restaurant destination in the South. Even with Asheville and Raleigh close by, we have to agree that Charlotte has sure got a lot going for it, from the new additions of Supperland, Leah & Louise, some cool upcoming culinary festivals like BayHaven, and an exceptional street art scene. We think that Charlotte definitely deserves that 99th spot on the list, and we have to wonder if we’re going to see Charlotte rise in the ranks in the future?  What do you think?


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