10 Of The Most Photo-Worthy Murals In Charlotte

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10 Of The Most Photo-Worthy Murals In Charlotte

Charlotte is a super artsy city.

If you haven’t already noticed all of the street art around Charlotte, then we thought we’d bring your attention to some of our favorites in the city. From the colorful to the unique, from food to hearts, spanning from one side of the city to the other, here are 10 of our favorite murals you can hunt for around the city. We’d highly recommend it.

1. Confetti Heart Wall

Artist Evelyn Henson is known in Charlotte for her colorful wall art and Confetti Hearts might be the most popular mural around the city. Instagram is full of photos of couples, children, and furry friends posed in front of it, and we can tell why. This mural is likely to bring a dose of sunshine to any IG feed.

Where: 101 W. Worthington Ave Suite 150, Charlotte, NC 29203

2. Free Range Brewing Mural

One of the newer murals in the city is by artist Alex DeLarge, who is also the artist behind another famous Charlotte mural that we’ll mention in a minute. Two colorful hands looking like the iPhone Emojis are shown surrounded by colorful and funky shapes and doodles. Check this one out at the corner of Free Range and why not get a beer while you’re there too?

Where: 2320 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

3. Magic Carpet Mural

South End and Uptown are home to three of these beautiful murals by Jessie & Katey. What’s different about these pieces is that they are painted across the ground as opposed to murals, which usually cover a wall or building. This piece of public art has become quite popular over the years for being a great photo-op spot, and it’s easy to see why. The colors are bright and eye-catching and the perfect piece to brighten up this asphalt street.

4. Baby Yoda Mural

We mentioned another mural by Alex DeLarge and this is it. Baby Yoda is set in the NoDa community, and we’re sure if you’re anywhere on the internet then you were aware of the big Baby Yoda craze. Now this little cutie has been solidified on the wall in Charlotte for anyone to pose with.

Where: 1721 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28206

5. Donut Wall

Gina Elizabeth Franco is the muralist behind this scrumptious donut wall. From sprinkles to swirls to stripes, to donuts frosted with ‘South End’ and ‘You’re Dope’ it’s no wonder this wall has become a photo-worthy spot. This mural is located at the Krispy Kreme Corporate Office, which seems quite suiting.

Where: 2116 Hawkins St, Charlotte, NC 28203

6. Fibonacci Murals

Jonay Di Ragno is the artist behind this pretty and colorful spiral mural that shows an array of colors, and is available in multiple spots in the city. This mural is located in the popular and artsy NoDa neighborhood in front of the fire station, and is a popular spot for people to take photos in front of. From Miss USA using the mural as a backdrop for photos a couple of years ago to Snoop Dog.

7. East Town Market Mural

Georgie Nakima is an artist who focuses on natural and spiritual artwork while also highlighting Black models as her subject. In collaboration with Charlotte Urban Design, she’s published this public art series in East Charlotte that’s vibrant and full of life.

Where: 5820 E W.T. Harris Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28215

8. Time Out Youth Center Mural

Bree Stallings is a Charlotte artist who has been creating quite a lot of beautiful art across Charlotte. Over the course of the year, she’s created quite a few, and this one has got to be our favorite. A beautiful piece depicting rainbow-colored birds lays across the wall of the Time Out Youth Center, a haven for LGBTQ+ youth. The mural was just revealed on Stallings 30th birthday on April 24th, so go check it out for yourself if you’d like.

Where: 3800 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205

9. Confetti Stripe Wall

This Confetti Stripe Wall is another mural by Evelyn Henson that provides a bright spot in Charlotte. Its pastel design covers a pristine white wall with purples, blues, oranges, greens, and a little cute black cursive message that reads “make people feel loved today.” We love the message. While you’re there, don’t forget to grab an ice cream too!

Where: 1920 Camden Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

10. Tavola Road Mural

Atlanta-based artist Killamari collaborated with artist Mario to create this stunning and modern-looking mural on Tavola Road. Apparently, during its creation, Killamari’s lift died and another artist had to come up and help him out. The mural is cartoon-y, with lots of details that you’ll miss if you don’t stop and get an up-close look at it. We’d definitely recommend seeing this one in person.

Where: 5600 77 Center Dr. Charlotte, NC 28217

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