58 Exciting Things To Do This July In Charlotte

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58 Exciting Things To Do This July In Charlotte

Summer is just getting started!

We’re officially past the half year mark, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. But we’re extremely excited for the month of July because let’s face it, July is just an excuse to go to the beach, eat ice cream, and enjoy some sun in the fun with your friends and family. Who else wishes summer would never end? We want you to have the best summer 2021 that you can (and that you deserve) so we rounded up 58 amazing things to do this month from spa days to getaways to cool events right in the city. Here we go!

1. Check out Banksy’s elusive street art at this epic exhibit

Unravel the mystery of the world’s most iconic (and mysterious) contemporary artists. The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits” is a stunning street art exhibition featuring over 130 certified art works. After touring in Europe, it will be headed to Charlotte for a limited time only. Deep dive into Banksy’s political view points, intriguing world view, and learn about one of the biggest pranks in contemporary art history!

2. Spend an enchanting night out at these lovely candlelight concerts

Have you ever experienced classical music while surrounded by a sea of flickering candlelight? If not, you’re in for a treat. These popular Candlelight concerts have been filling some of Charlotte’s most lovely venues with candlelit concerts perfect for a calm after dinner weekend event. From renditions of Anime classics to magical movie soundtracks to exuberant jazz performances. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

3-15. Treat your tastebuds to a variety of different cuisines at one of Camp North End’s eateries.

by campnorthend via instagram

Eat, drink, and play at Charlotte’s innovative and creative hub known as Camp North End. From charcuteries, to vegetarian cuisine, to James-beard nominated chefs cooking Southern cuisine.

16. Visit Metalmorphosis, the shimmering mirrored sculpture here in Charlotte

via metalmorphosis.tv

The sculpture by Prague artist, David Cerny, is one you have to catch at the right moment to witness it in all it’s glory. For one, the sculpture is mobile! The pieces, when assembled, spin around creating strange shapes, forms, and perspectives of an eyeless and mouthless face until eventually coming together in perfect mirrored, shimmering harmony. But that’s when it’s assembled. Oftentimes, Metalmorphosis is under construction, like it was from January 2020 to December 2020. But we believe it’s up and running now, so don’t miss a chance to check it out!

17-31. Take a weekend getaway to one of these fabulous city and nature destinations

by wncphototours via instagram

From beaches to mountain ranges, cities to hiking trails, North Carolina’s got it all, and relatively close to Charlotte. If you’re in the need for a change of scenery, then look no further than these weekend getaway destinations. And none longer than 4 hours away. Perfect timing, as summer is here, and we encourage you to spend more times appreciating the great outdoors.

32. Check out the sunflower fields

by wisecarefarms via instagram

Head on over to Wise Acres to get a glimpse of the stunning and photo-worthy fields full of sunflowers, summer’s iconic flower. Reservations are also required if you want to see them, so make sure to book in advance!

33-40. Spend the day at one of Charlotte’s best specialty coffee shops

by mactabbycatcafe via instagram

Charlotte is full of some of the most creative and innovative crafters, makers, and restauranteurs in the state. A lot of those ideas mesh inside cafes where people can work, read, and talk, and we think some of Charlotte’s cafes are great for that! From coffee shops doing interesting things with their brew, to ones who collaborate with local bakers and makers, to others who let you play with cats!

40-45. Visit an undiscovered winery

We spoke with Arthur Barham, the host of the blog and media company, Merlot2Muscadine about his passion for wine, specifically in his home of North Carolina, and he gave us the inside scoop of his 5 favorite undiscovered wineries near Charlotte.

46. Check out South End’s new elegant lounge

by hyattcentric via facebook

Welcome to the Southpark neighborhood in Charlotte where the nightlife is lively, the arts & culture scene is thriving, and there’s a brand new Hyatt Hotel. This new elegant hotel will be the venue for some interesting new eateries to add to the restaurant scene here in town. Enjoy the view from their brand new rooftop bar coming in August, or sit back at the lounge seatings with custom local-Charlotte made murals painted lovingly along the wall. The Hyatt recently opened on June 20th, and we’re excited to see what’s more to come, but in the meantime, check out their new lounge, IRO, a mix of coffee and Asian-fusion cuisine.

47-51. Cool off at a lake getaway adventure 

by masonboroinlet via instagram

There’s nothing like a lake adventure with family and friends, especially when the days becoming unbearably hot. Not too far from Charlotte are some amazing resorts where you can relax (or partake in some awesome sports like kayaking and rafting).

52-57. Get a scoop of ice cream

by ilya ilford via unsplash

This doesn’t need much of an introduction. When it’s hot, what do you usually crave? For us, it’s a scoop of ice cream on top of a freshly made waffle cone, and so we had to create a top 5 list for you guys to give our favorite mom and pop shops a try. We’d highly recommend giving them all a try.

58. Try a floating spa treatment

by alex bertha via unsplash

REST, an abbreviation for restricted environmental stimulation therapy, is a new health trend that has gained some momentum in the last couple of years Originating in Arizona, True REST has now made its way to Charlotte in Plaza Midwood, as the premier spa of its kind. Submerge (or rather float) in a blacked out pod filled with a foot or less of salt water. Once inside and the pod closes, you’ll be incased in a warm, relaxing experience designed to deprive you of your senses while at the same time relieving you of stress. Read all about it to learn more and check it out for yourself. First timers get a discount!

[featured image by ohmysoulusa via instagram]

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