78 Fantastic Things To Do In Charlotte This January

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

78 Fantastic Things To Do In Charlotte This January

It’s the dawn of a new year. The linger of the holidays is still in the air even as we transition into new starts and new plans for the upcoming 365 days. We want to make sure you use them wisely, so we’ve gathered a list just to get you started for the first 26 (we’re a little late). Eat your way through Charlotte, have a drink, or see a cultural performance or show to get your mind off your day-to-day and unwind a bit. With that being said, here’s 78 things to do in Charlotte this January.

1. Enjoy a stunning Candlelight concert 

Have you purchased a ticket to one of these sublime candlelit concerts yet? Now is a perfect time! These enchanting concerts will take place at three of Charlotte’s most unique and stunning venues. The Collector’s Room is in Charlotte’s lively South End neighborhood adjacent to one of South End’s contemporary art galleries and the Big Chill, which is Charlotte’s largest Motown/Rhythm and Blues/Jazz club.

2-7. Catch the end of these holiday light shows ending soon

Even if the holiday season has come to a close, there are still a couple of dazzling holiday shows. There’s even one that runs until January 30th, the Festival of Lights at Chetola Resort. Check out our guide to get the scoop on how long each of them last so you won’t miss out.

8-15. Go meatless for Veganuary at one of these vegan restaurants

January is the perfect time to try out meatless, give the Veganuary challenge a try, or discover new restaurants, so we whipped up a list with the best Vegan spots in Charlotte. The best part is that they’re all picked by you guys! From worldy cuisine done vegan style to super healthy renditions, there’s a little something for everyone’s palate.

16-29. Enjoy dining outdoors at these cozy, heated patios

There’s nothing quite like good food, good friends, and a fire pit or heat lamp to keep the night going. Even if the winter weather is upon us, there’s plenty of cozy patios for you to curl up on this winter season. Plus, dining outdoors seems like a much better idea now more than ever.

30-43. Get to know Charlotte as a tourist would with this guide of iconic spots

Depending on who you talk to, Charlotte is either a hub of creative passion or could stand to have more things to do. In our opinion, there’s plenty of unique traits of the city that just need to be looked at again with a fresh pair of eyes. That’s why we wanted to create this list of landmarks and spots that make Charlotte…well, Charlotte. From museums to unique eateries, check out the ultimate Charlotte bucket list filled with 13 amazing things to do around the city for locals and visitors alike.

44-54. Check out our roundup of our favorite roundups for a meta guide to the city

For a special end-of-the-year article to celebrate going into 2022, we decided to get a little meta. We wrote our 10 favorite roundups from our beginning in April, from undiscovered wineries to beautifully designed restaurants. Check out our full article here for all the secret spots in the city you can explore.

55-67. Try all of the delicious food joints at Camp North End, our favorite space

Camp North End entered Charlotte in 2017 with a bang, taking over an old warehouse that was used in World War 2. It has now become one of the most creative cultural spaces in Charlotte, home to some of the most interesting eateries, bars, and pop ups all-year round. We wrote up a full guide of their 12 eateries, from a Charcuterie Board spot to a cool cocktail bar.

68-78. Get to know Charlotte through its food

The holy trinity of Charlotte, we’ve found through our coverage, is beautiful interiors, small plates, and craft cocktails. From restaurants like 5Church (the place to see and be seen), to Leah & Louise in Camp North End, which is a specialty Southern joint. You’ll want to try each of them as soon as you can.

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