53 Neat Things To Do In Charlotte This November

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53 Neat Things To Do In Charlotte This November

Autumn is inching closer to winter and the holiday season is upon us! If you’re still not sure about what’s happening in the city, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out about fun cultural events, new restaurants that have just opened or are opening this month, and more! Enjoy our round up of 53 neat things to do in Charlotte!

1. Be dazzled by these Candlelight Concerts

The wildly popular Candlelight Concert series is still going strong in Charlotte and this winter, they’re offering a couple of extra special shows. There’ll be two holiday specials, one a tribute to ballet and the other a festive evening of jazz music that’ll take place at Charlotte’s nicest jazz club, The Big Chill.

2-8: Sample oysters, lobster, and shrimp at these fresh seafood spots

Seafood is one of the most popular types of cuisine there is and is featured on nearly every menu, and for that reason, we wanted to create a list of a few of our favorites. Whether they be Southern-inspired like Southern Catfish or raw, like fresh oysters, there’s plenty to eat at these classic Charlotte seafood spots.

9. Make a reservation at the new restaurant, The Mariposa, at the Mint Museum

The Mariposa is one of the newest restaurants to hit Charlotte, and it’s inside the Mint Museum. We love Mariposa’s approach to food, by bringing a world-to-table feel to all of its dishes. That means every dish will be sustainable, locally-soured, and served from a plethora of worldly ingredients. Make a reservation now!

10-15: Relive Squid Game with these delicious Korean dishes

We don’t mean playing games where your life is on the line, but we simply mean getting a taste of Korean culture through their food. You’d be surprised to know how many amazing Korean restaurants Charlotte has, so we made this little list to showcase a few of them. P.S: We’d highly recommend the bulgogi.

16-29: Keep cozy at a heated indoor patio

The chillier weather is just around the corner here in Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to head indoors. With so many all fresco options for you to enjoy day and night, you might be wondering which patios will actually be heated for when colder evenings arrive. We’ve got you covered.

30-36: Keep an eye on these 6 restaurants and bars opening up in the very near future

With Charlotte’s restaurant scene expanding more and more every year, we wanted to look towards the future to see what exciting new concepts the city would be getting. Guys, we were not disappointed. The highly popular Jewish deli, meshugganah, will be getting a brick & mortar, and the owners behind Kindred are coming out with a new donut shop. Maybe our most anticipated spot is the new bar cocktail bar in Southend that looks to be a mix of New York City and Tokyo if they were set in Blade Runner.

37-42: Book a distillery tour and try some of Charlotte’s finest spirits

If you’re ever looking to branch out from Charlotte’s brewing scene (which is amazing, no doubt about it), then why not try out a distillery tour? At these things, there’s a little bit for every type of liquor drinker-from vodka to whiskey to rum-and special tours that allow everyone to sample there or take a bottle from home.

43-53: Eat your way through Charlotte’s hottest, most popular restaurants

Charlotte’s food scene has been getting a lot more recognition the past couple of years, with a ton of talented restauranteurs expanding their list of concepts or new faces breaking onto the scene. We decided to do explore what all of Charlotte’s most popular restaurants have in common and we think we figured it out: globally-inspired small plates, locally-sourced, and incredible interiors.


[featured image courtesy of the mariposa]


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