This Haunted Horror Attraction In Archdale Will Have You Hype For Halloween

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This Haunted Horror Attraction In Archdale Will Have You Hype For Halloween

Just an hour outside of Charlotte is one of the nation’s scariest haunts.

Maybe one of the greatest transformations in North Carolina is the transition from family friendly farm attraction known as Kersey Valley into its sinister alter-ego. By day, you and the entire family can enjoy an afternoon spent axe throwing, sunflower gazing, and zip-lining. By night, prepare for terrifying haunts and thrills. According to the website,” From the moment you arrive on the property, you are fair game to each and every haunted creature residing here.” Welcome to Spooky Woods.

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Spooky Wood’s is North Carolina’s answer to Halloween, is the largest haunt in North Carolina, and has been ranked as part of the top haunts in all the nation for various magazines. After three decades of growth (the haunt now covers the majority of the 60 acre farm), Spooky Woods and the adjacent haunted house are lucky to have a group of talented artists and builders that are here to make each year more scary than the last.

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The appeal of Spooky Woods is in their themed mazes that boast an array of special effects and terrifying surprises. Some of their mazes have been the Slaughterhouse maze, their whimsical Puppet Theater, and their Hedge Maze, but each year they add in some never-before-seen mazes to keep guests on their toes. You’ll be in for an experience that stimulates the senses with lights, sounds, and touch, and just a warning, you may also come into contact with a “liquid substance” so be prepared for that if you’re easily squeamish.

If all of the expertly crafted mazes weren’t enough, you can also participate in some other night time activities on the property like axe throwing, a nightly zip line, and the first ever haunted train ride in North Carolina, the Kersey Valley Express.

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Right now, Kersey Valley is looking for this year’s talent on their Facebook page so if you want to audition, get in touch. For now, we can’t wait to see what this spooky season brings us at Kersey Valley.

You can book your tickets now to join in on all the fun. Spooky Farm is open on Sundays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m and Friday + Saturday from 7pm to 12am. We can’t wait to join in on the fun this autumn!


Where: 1615 Kersey Valley Road Archdale, NC 27263


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