Why Is There A Bag Of Milk Stapled To A Telephone Pole Here In Charlotte?

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Why Is There A Bag Of Milk Stapled To A Telephone Pole Here In Charlotte?

What’s up with these odd posters around the city?

“Is this milk sour?” There’s been a poster creating a bit of buzz in Charlotte lately for its complete oddity (not to mention, its gross factor). This poster near Queens University is what prompted a user on Charlotte’s subreddit to make a post questioning why. We’re thinking the same thing.

courtesy of Mitchellofficial on reddit

The poster reads,

“We bought this milk and the expiration date was smeared. I think it is good until next Thursday. Rest of the family thinks it expired yesterday. Let’s just say Tempers Flared!! We agreed to settle via “Community Dairy Evaluation.” Vote – we don’t want wasted milk. (Badge carrying USDA member votes count double). Votes will be counted for the next three days. After investigating, we are 97.6% sure it came from one of these cows.”

Underneath are three photos of cows–and the photos look to be stock photos. Underneath, some smaller text reads: “Things we agreed on: cows are smarter than horses, Whopper beat the Big Mac, cows have pretty large nipples, butter brickle ice cream is not that good, shish kabobs and polenta is a tasty meal.” Well then.

Did anyone dare to drink it? According to people passing by, someone just might have. “There was a straw in the “milk” bag a few days later. This picture is from a few weeks ago,” a reddit user said. This post was made two months ago, with a second follow up user posting of the same poster and bag, only this time…the milk wasn’t so white, and could have likely been replaced with…something else.

courtesy of seranger on reddit

Who is behind these strange posters? It’s the work of CLT Poster Man, an Instagram user who creates interesting and strange posters and hangs them in the city. You may not have caught it–we don’t blame you being distracted by the suspect liquid–but there’s his Instagram handle in the bottom left corner. Looks like CLT Poster Man strikes again. His most recent poster is a riff on an old song. “Wanted for corn cracking,” it says, and details a rascal named Jimmy who a neighbor suspects of cracking corn. When asked, Jimmy always responds with “I don’t care.” Strange.

Have you seen any of CLT Poster Man’s notorious posters around the city? We wonder what he’ll come up with next and when he’ll post again.


[Featured image by Lomig on Unsplash]

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