Charlotte’s Premiere Cat Cafe Is The Purrfect Way To Spend An Afternoon Year-Round

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Charlotte’s Premiere Cat Cafe Is The Purrfect Way To Spend An Afternoon Year-Round

And you can adopt them too!

Welcome to Mac Tabby Cat Cafe, where the espresso is pouring, the lattes are flowing, and there’s a room full of cute cats that you can snuggle with (and potentially adopt). If you’re a big fan of cats then we’d highly recommend coming here on a weekend afternoon, where you can book an $8 thirty minute session or $12 60 minute session with the cats. And each cat has its own name, adding to the cuteness factor.


They’ve got a whole range of sweet and lovable cats here, like Princeton, the unique little tabby born with Eyelid Agenesis, a congenital defect where his upper eyelids failed to form, giving him quite the stare. (P.S. We’ve heard he’s the sweetest and loves being pet).

Or Deborah, a cat with a really cute stare who we’ve read is quite a chatterbox, with a unique meow to communicate to her humans. She’s still up for adoption, and has been at Mac Tabby for a few months now looking for her new home. Definitely check out Mac Tabby’s Instagram to look at portraits of some of the cafe cat’s which capture their personality incredibly well.

While you are surely here for the cats, there’s even a full cafe in the other room to enjoy a craft coffee, wine or artisan beer before or after your kitty meet-n-greet. They’ve also got fresh fruit smoothies and to snack on, try a cookie or brownie bar or fresh-baked pastry.

They’re open every day of the week and reservations for time slots are highly encouraged. Visit their NoDa location today.

Where: NoDa – 3024 N. Davidson St.

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