Charlotte Indoor Mask Mandate In Effect & County-Wide Mask Mandate Approved

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Charlotte Indoor Mask Mandate In Effect & County-Wide Mask Mandate Approved

A decision was made to recommend re-instating the mask mandate across Mecklenburg County after a Wednesday meeting.

The city of Charlotte announced an indoor mask mandate to take affect on Wednesday morning, with a meeting on a county-wide mandate taking place that afternoon. They released a public statement on Wednesday, the 18th.

“​To address the COVID-19 virus and the Delta variant, the Board of County Commissioners is issuing a Public Health Rule that requires all people to wear face coverings in indoor public places. The Board agrees that prompt action is necessary at this time by all people,” they wrote. You can read the rest of the statement here, which provides an FAQ

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles cosigned a county-wide mask mandate, which she thought would help to avoid confusion between cities.

In a statement released yesterday, Tuesday, August 16th Lyles said, “Based on feedback from the Public Health Department, Atrium Health, Novant Health and Medic, it is important that we take additional measures to help protect our residents and community.”

While the Charlotte mandate is in place as of now, the county-wide mandate would go into place in 9 days and include all towns within the Mecklenburg County, but towns could also implement the mandate sooner if they wish.

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