Charlotte’s Durag Festival Is Returning To Charlotte This Juneteenth

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Charlotte’s Durag Festival Is Returning To Charlotte This Juneteenth

The “Met Gala” of Durags.

Get ready to celebrate Black excellence this year at Charlotte’s official Juneteenth [LINK] festival on the 18th and 19th. Durag Fest, a festival celebrating Black art and culture, will be collaborating at some of Juneteenth’s venues the same weekend, and you can join in on the fun! Just make sure to come wearing a Durag, as the festival looks to celebrate the important symbol of Black Culture.

Durag Fest’s creators, Charlotte-artist Dammit Wesley and Lica Mishell, gave the fest it’s name because of what the durag represents in Black culture. It’s a symbol that has been demonized in Black culture, and the fest is their way of celebrating it and, as an extension, all of Black culture.

Durag Fest returns in 2021 on June 19th at Victoria Yards, where a kick off party called the ‘Deep Wave Day Party’ will be hosted for free starting at 12:00pm. The party will feature music and a vendor marketplace.

You can also catch Durag Fest and the Durag Hall of Fame event at the Nascar Museum at 2pm.

Around 7pm at the cultural hub, Camp North End, DJ Elevator Jay will be spinning at the DU After Dark: Adult Swim party.

With the fest expanding across three different venues, you can feel safe as people emerge into the public again after a tumultuous year and a half.

The creators are hoping to expand Durag fest into other cities in the future, but they’re not entirely sure when that’ll happen.

You can RSVP your spot and get tickets here.


[featured image by voenica carswell via unsplash]