Spend A Day Indoors At One Of These 6 Art And Culture Museums In Charlotte

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Spend A Day Indoors At One Of These 6 Art And Culture Museums In Charlotte

Explore your sense of wonder.

There’s nothing like spending a day learning about new things, seeing new sights, and interacting with respected and modern artists. We thought we’d give a glimpse at just some of the museums here in Charlotte that you can book a visit with (in person and even virtually if you don’t want to leave the house) to spend a cozy afternoon to beat the heat or storms. Here are 6 of our favorite museums around Charlotte and some of their current exhibits.

1. Mint Museum Uptown

Mint Museum Uptown is definitely a sight to behold. 145,000 square feet in its full glory, it’s accented by its shimmering window panes from top to bottom and its modern interior design. There are a bunch of innovative and unique exhibits to check out, like the one pictured above called Foragers, a piece of a bigger exhibition coming in October featuring contemporary artists Summer Wheat, Gisela Colon, Spencer Finch, and Jennifer Steinkamp, that serves as a tribute to female makers and crafters from North Carolina’s history. Check this page out for a list of their current exhibitions.

2. Charlotte Museum of History

The Charlotte Museum of History is open every Saturday and is open virtually 24/7, in case you’re home bored or stuck inside because of bad weather. They have an ongoing series called “History Talks” with feature a different lecturer each time to discuss Charlotte history, social good, and other unique facets of Charlotte’s past and future.

3. Discovery Place

Discovery Place is most kid’s definition of fun, with its interactive playground-like exhibits that promote creativity and exploration. Discovery Place Science’s current exhibit is all about artificial intelligence and explores how it will function in our future’s. They’ve also brought back their popular exhibit all about the wonderful world of frogs. As their tagline goes, you and the whole family will discover your sixth sense: your sense of wonder.

4. NASCAR Hall of Fame

Just check out that arched ceiling of the 86,5000 square foot building of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, made to look similar to a curving racetrack. This museum is a staple here in Charlotte, from exhibits like their High Octane Movie Theater to racing simulators, to a glorious hall of honor of great racers in the past.

5. Harvey B. Grant Center for African -American Arts + Culture

Harvey B. Grant Center is highlighting and celebrating Black arts and culture through photography, film, literature, and art. Choose Your Weapon: Views from the Front Lines of the War for Black LivesĀ is their latest exhibit with work from author and photographer, E. Mackey, showing a visual representation of the Black Lives Matters movement.

6. Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Bechtler is Charlotte’s place for contemporary art from some of history’s most famous painters, like Warhol and Picasso. Their 3 current exhibits are Twentieth Century Women, an exhibit that focuses exclusively on the achievements of women artists, an exhibit of the German painter, Josef Albers, and Made in Switzerland, curated by Swiss entrepreneur and founder of the museum, Andres Becthler.


[featured image by laneycontemporary via Instagram]

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