6 Of The Best Spots For Crispy, Gooey, Loaded, Satisfying French Fries in Charlotte

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

6 Of The Best Spots For Crispy, Gooey, Loaded, Satisfying French Fries in Charlotte

Is it Fry-Day yet?

We don’t think we’ve ever met somebody who didn’t enjoy a plate stacked full of golden, delicious french fries. From plain and salted, to crinkle, to curly, to fully loaded and everything in between, they’re the best vessel to get your daily amount of carbs in. We wanted to highlight some of Charlotte’s most interesting take on the french fry from some of Charlotte’s best eateries. In honor of this glorious fry-day, we bring you 6 of Charlotte’s most delicious takes on the classic french fry.

1. Midwood Smokehouse’s Pimento Cheese Fries

Three words. Cheese, fries, and green onions. It truly doesn’t get more satisfying than that. Midwood Smokehouse has got crispy crinkle fries made golden brown and smothered with Midwood’s homemade pimento cheese. Then, they’re topped with tangy green onions. But it gets even better. For an additional $4 add spicy chorizo or chopped pork and for an additional $7 you can add delicious smoked brisket.

Where: 1401 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

2. FoxCroft Wine Co.’s Truffle Fries

There’s nothing that pairs better with booze than truffle fries. Delicious, cheesy, umami-y truffle fries are prepared hot and crispy at Foxcroft’s. For those who have never tried them, you’re in for a treat. These truffle fries are prepared with truffle aioli, parmesan, and oregano for a perfect savory companion to a glass of vino.

Where: 7824 Fairview Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226

3. Greco’s Fresh Grille’s French Fries (Two Ways)

Greco Fresh Grille’s has got some golden, crispy french fries seasoned in two different styles for double the flavor. Get a basket of either lemon and oregano or cumin and garlic, or add their french fries to a gyro, pita, or on the side of a delicious protein like seasoned chicken or shrimp. Either way, you’ll probably want to try both.

Where: 9820 Rea Rd Suite E, Charlotte, NC 28277

4. Queen City Bites & Craft’s Poutine Fries

Canada’s gift to the world are their delicious poutine fries, and Queen City Bites and Craft’s is doing them fresh! These steak fries are smothered in tasty gravy and real Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds. Get a plate of these to start off with, then follow it up with a house made burger or sandwich and a delicious beer to wash it all down.

Where: 135 Brevard Court, Charlotte, NC 28202

5. Bad Daddy’s Sweet Potato Fries

Bad Daddy’s is doing their fries 3 ways: hand cut, sweet potato, and truffle parmesan, so you might have a really difficult time choosing. We’d recommend giving them all a go if you can, but the sweet potato are thick, crispy, and sweet. Get them on the side of one of their juicy, gourmet burgers like the Pastrami or the Western, and fall into food coma heaven.

Where: 1626 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

6. Crepe Cellar’s Pesto & Brie Fries

Who knew that pesto & brie could be such a delicious combination when topped on Crepe Cellar’s golden, crispy french fries. At Crepe Cellar’s, the fries are hand cut and double fried for that extra crispiness, and come two ways: either regular with salt or flavorful pesto, creamy brie, and fresh chopped tomatoes. If you order the steak & frites or the fish & chips, you also get a big heaping side of regular golden fries.

Where: 3116 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

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