5 Distilleries Near Charlotte For People Who Want To Branch Out From The City’s Brewery Scene

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5 Distilleries Near Charlotte For People Who Want To Branch Out From The City’s Brewery Scene

We love our Charlotte brewery scene, but that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes want to branch out and try something different. Some weekends, you might be feeling like having a glass of wine or ordering a nice cocktail. Or even ordering a bottle of liquor to take home. So, if you love the idea of house-made, one-of-a-kind drinks like you’d find in a brewery, but want to delve into spirits, then distilleries are where you could look to explore next. If you’re wondering where to even begin, we’ve got 5 local distilleries for you to explore near Charlotte.

1. Doc Porters’s

Doc Porter’s uses locally-sourced grains to make their Gin, Vodka, Bourbon, and Rye, and is a beloved spot in the community. While Doc Porter’s might not be officially open right now, you can still purchase their spirits at ABC stores. They’ve also recently announced that their much-missed bourbon will be hitting stores again very soon. Keep an eye on their Instagram for announcements.

2. Seven Jars Distillery

This triple hitter has got everything you’d want in one place. Seven Jars Distillery is a brewery, winery, andĀ distillery, so if you’re tired of beer you can still grab a wine or spirit. If you’re tired of wine, go for a craft beer. Here, the options are endless. The distillery was where Seven Jars began, and from there they created their own rum, vodka, and bourbon using personalized techniques. At their winery and brewery, they offer tastings, classes, and tours (they also do a distillery tour if you’d like to try that). This place is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to learn a little bit about alcohol in all its forms.

Where: 6148 Brookshire Blvd A, Charlotte, NC 28216

3. Muddy Rivers Distillery

The oldest rum distillery in North Carolina, Muddy Rivers is creating bottles and bottles of homemade rum that are then sent to some of Charlotte’s best restaurants and liquor stores. Muddy Rivers is just southwest of Davidson in Belmont, NC. Their Carolina Rum sets them apart from the rest with its perfect, smooth finish that doesn’t rely on barrel-aging. Their Queen Charlotte’s RumĀ is another smooth rum that can be drank neat. Buy a bottle of their rums from an ABC store or from some of the local cocktails bars like Leah & Louise.

Where: 1500 River Dr STE 100, Belmont, NC 28012

4. Seventeen Twelve Spirits

If you’re a fan of bourbon, head to Seventeen Twelve Distillery. Less than an hour from Charlotte in Conover, this spot is worth the drive for their award-winning Gatlin 110 and North Carolina Bourbon alone. Both of these are double distilled and hand bottled. For anyone interested, Seventeen Twelve Distillery offers tours every Saturday at noon, 1pm or 2pm where you can learn the techniques and try samples of their spirits, that are hand-crafted using 100% Carolina grains and always made locally.

Where: 300 Thornburg Dr SE, Conover, NC 28613

5. Great Wagon Road Distilling

GWRD has got whiskey-aged in American Oak that’s rich and smooth with a pleasant finish, and their technique for making whiskey comes from the technique and skill of distillers beforehand. They’re also the oldest distiller in Charlotte, so you now they’ve got a lot of experience underneath their belt. They’re also one of the spots that has a female distiller, Michelle who hails all the way from New England. Check out their online menu to peruse their array of liquors and purchase one for the home if you’d like.

Where: 610 Anderson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

[featured image by seven_jars via instagram]

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