This Beloved Burrito Spot Is Reopening In Lower South End Next Spring

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

This Beloved Burrito Spot Is Reopening In Lower South End Next Spring

The year is 2017. It was pre-pandemic, so the worst thing going on in Charlotte was the close of the beloved, Phat Burrito. If you were lucky enough to eat there the week that it closed, you would have also seen the lines spiraling around the block. A time where the vibe was a little old, a little grungy, and very much not the South End that we see today.

Amidst the transformation of the new South End, there’s a bit of nostalgia coming back to the area with Phat Burrito making its triumphant comeback after a long 5 years, says the owner.

Burritos that are almost too big to fit in one hand is Phat Burrito’s claim to fame here in Charlotte, and not to mention it’s cheap price point compared to other spots in the area that have opened in the past 5 years.

In these last several years, we’ve also seen the closure of other mom and pop joints, like Price’s Chicken Coop, Manifest Disc, and Zack’s Hamburgers, unfortunately. That’s why it’s so exciting to see the rekindling of this mom and pop shop returning with the original owner.

The re-opening is slated for spring 2022 with all of those old nostalgia and menu items that made Phat Burrito so popular in the community. We’ll see you there and keep you updated with more information.


Where: LoSo Village near the corner of South and Clanton


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