The Key Points From Kamala Harris’ Trip to North Carolina Yesterday

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The Key Points From Kamala Harris’ Trip to North Carolina Yesterday

Vice President Harris’ speech was all about creating job opportunities.

Vice President Kamala Harris was in North Carolina Monday, April 19th–the same day all American above 16 became eligible for the vaccine–to promote Biden’s American Jobs Plan. During an all-day tour through North Carolina, she stopped, first in Greensborough where she gave her speech before 12:00pm. At roughly $2 trillion dollars, the proposed plans will work towards fixing America’s infrastructure as well as shifting towards greener energy.

One of the key points in Vice President Harris’ speech was jobs. Their goal is to create more jobs in an investment program that hasn’t been this large since World War 2. Specifically, Harris pointed out that she and President Biden want to create good jobs. But what exactly is a “good job” entail according to the White House?

Creating jobs that can pay the bills is a goal for their plan. In her speech, Harris said, “In the 21st century, in America, I believe, you should not have to work more than 1 job to be able to pay your bills and feed your family.”

She also discussed the importance of creating opportunities outside of only higher education, like certification programs and technical schools, and emphasized union work as a strong factor in good jobs.

Vice President Harris’ second stop of the day was in High Point, specifically to visit the Thomas Built Buses, where the union workers have made electric school buses. While some have argued that going greener could lead to less jobs, Harris highlights that work like this could not only create new jobs but could also lead towards greener energy. There have been initiatives like this in different states like Ohio. Last week they deployed the first electric school buses in the state and the trajectory will continue in different ways.

You can watch the full speech here.


[featured image via Saul Loeb/AFP]

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