This Spa In Plaza Midwood Has Charlotte’s First Ever Floating Relaxation Pods

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

This Spa In Plaza Midwood Has Charlotte’s First Ever Floating Relaxation Pods

These floating spas can increase euphoria, creativity, and sleep quality!

REST, an abbreviation for restricted environmental stimulation therapy, is a new health trend that has gained some momentum in the last couple of years Originating in Arizona, True REST has now made its way to Charlotte in Plaza Midwood, as the premier spa of its kind. Submerge (or rather float) in a blacked out pod filled with a foot or less of salt water. Once inside and the pod closes, you’ll be incased in a warm, relaxing experience designed to deprive you of your senses while at the same time relieving you of stress.

So what are the benefits of float therapy, and why should you give it a try? Well, sensory depravation tanks can lead to all sorts of positive reactions in your body. The studies say that time spent in these tanks the weightlessness of floating can decrease stress, anxiety and pain while increasing sleep quality, creativity levels, and the epsom salt in the water can help to relax your muscles. A quick note, there have been studies that show sensory deprivation tanks (or float chambers, which sounds less intense) can increase the possibility of hallucinations. But you’re also more likely to feel a sense of bliss and euphoria as you float, which we can attest to!

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The regular price of 60 minutes of floating spa ecstasy is $89, but members can get one 60-minute spa treatment a month for only $65. Even better, first time spa floaters can get the introductory price of $65!

True REST is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am – 10pm and on Mondays they’re open from 3pm to 10pm. Enjoy!


[featured image by alex bertha via Unsplash]

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