Charlotte Is The Most Dangerous City To Drive In Along America’s 10th Deadliest Highway

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Charlotte Is The Most Dangerous City To Drive In Along America’s 10th Deadliest Highway

It’s serious out there, guys.

According to a study from 2017, Charlotte was found to be the deadliest city along Interstate 85, which runs 666 miles from Petersburg, Virginia  to Montgomery, Alabama. Charlotte, along that entire stretch, is the most dangerous city. The 1-85 was considered to be the fifteenth most dangerous highway in the nation, but has since been updated to reach number 10 in 2019. Here’s Teletrac Navman’s detailed infographic about the top 25 dangerous highways that lists Highway 4 in Florida as the most dangerous with a death per mile rate of more than one, the only highway to have that rate on the list.

We’re sure that if you’ve driven the 1-85, there’s been a feeling of stress that is accompanied with it. It’s a highway known for its confusing detours, merges, and exits. The interchange of the 485-85 is also considered quite tricky to navigate, especially when you’re also surrounded by aggressive drivers. Interstate 85 has 0.613 deaths per mile of highway, and the deadliest city is Charlotte, NC with 30 deaths. The study also showed that the most dangerous month was October, the most dangerous day of the week was Friday, and the most dangerous time of day was between 3 and 4.

According to a Charlottan, a commuter said, “Can confirm. I commute to Concord from Gastonia. The 485 drivers are nuts, but that stretch of 85 is where the danger is. Never thought I’d see someone taking a video call on an iPad while driving…”


[featured image by iwona castiello d’antonio via unsplash]


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