This Charlotte Bakery Is Selling Whimsical Tea Bombs Filled With Edible Flowers And Glitter

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This Charlotte Bakery Is Selling Whimsical Tea Bombs Filled With Edible Flowers And Glitter

Pretty as a bath bomb, but edible.

Welcome to Frosted By Melissa, an independent bakery here in Charlotte. We recently shouted her out for her participation in Charlotte Desserts Week, where we were first drawn to her desserts, but we noticed another intriguing creation that we just had to know more about. They’re called, Tea Bombs.

As Melissa describes it, tea bombs are “hot chocolate bomb’s sophisticated sister.” The way that Hot Chocolate Bombs are consumed goes like this: place the bomb in the mug of your choice, then pour hot water or milk overtop. The bomb will melt into chocolatey goodness and voila, you’ve got yourself a hot chocolate! Similar to the bath bomb craze, these are like the bath bomb’s edible cousin, and Melissa has adopted the style into creations made from tea.

What’s so lovely about these tea bombs is the way they’re styled. Melissa described to us the way the tea bombs that the tea bombs are made an consumed: “They have a diabetic friendly sugar shell that is filled with premium tea, edible glitter, and AAA food grade flowers.” Once they’re placed inside their mug, pour the hot water over it and indulge in “your personal zen moment.” They’re the perfect Instagramable drink, and now you can get them iced, which is perfect for summer. For an iced tea bomb, just place enough hot water in your cup that the sugary shell melts, then fill the rest with ice.

The Tea Bombs come in flavors like organic hibiscus, strawberry, and raspberry, chamomile with lavender, sweet orange with rose petals and pink glitter, and elderberry tea in collaboration with the local health brand, the Little Bee Keeper. Her latest whimsical flavor is a butterfly pea flower that change colors when lemon juice is added.

As far as desserts go, Frosted By Melissa does Creme Brûlée Cheesecakes and two types of tarts: Lemon Lavender and Chocolate Salted Caramel. She’ll be serving these, along with her tea bombs, at Uptown Farmer’s Market on June 5th. Parking is free, so stop by and say hello!


Where: 300 S. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28202

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