6 Places In Charlotte Where You Can Get A Cozy Cup Of Hot Cocoa

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6 Places In Charlotte Where You Can Get A Cozy Cup Of Hot Cocoa

It’s cold outside and what better way to keep those hands warm than with a hot drink that you can sip on as you take a stroll through Plaza Midwood or Uptown. For those of you who aren’t huge fans of coffee but enjoy a hot drink, or for those who just enjoy a delicious, cup of cocoa as an after dinner dessert, here’s 6 places in Charlotte where you can get a cozy mug of hot chocolate.

1. Vibe Cafe and Wine Bar

Vibe Cafe in Dilworth does things a little differently. The owners came in from Athens Greece and settled in Charlotte, where they created Vibe Cafe and Wine which brings a European vibe to the city. Their hot cocoa comes with whipped cream, drizzle of mocha syrup, and a dusting of cinnamon. We’d recommend not leaving without trying one of Vibe’s Greek dishes like their Roasted Feta that comes with roasted tomatoes, green peppers, and drizzled with lemon and sprinkled with oregano.

Where: 1315 East Blvd Suite 110, Charlotte, NC 28203

2. Reigning Doughnuts

Reigning Doughnuts is doing a mug of Candy Cane Hot Cocoa to go along with their delicious cake doughnuts. Their hot cocoa is topped with whipped cream and small pieces of candy cane and for their doughnuts, they’ve got daily flavors that are listed on their website, with their Tuesday flavor being Apple Pie and their Friday being Maple Bacon. Reigning Doughnuts will be doing their holiday hot cocoa until February 6th!

Where: 3120 N Davidson St STE 100, Charlotte, NC 28205

3. Bar Cocoa

For a decadent cup of hot cocoa, head over to the Ritz Carlton on Trade St. where you can find Bar Cocoa, a gourmet chocolate shop. Settle into their cozy dining nook and enjoy a rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and their house made marshmallows. Pair it with a delicious home made pastries or French macarons.

Where: 201 E Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202

4. Smelly Cat Coffeehouse

Smelly Cat, named after the iconic song from Friends that Phoebe Buffay sings, is the cozy cafe of your winter dreams. If we could name one coffee shop here in Charlotte that reminds us of a cozy little living room, we’d say Smell Cat Coffeehouse is it. Yes, they’re a coffee shop, but they’ve also got chai, matcha, and of course, hot cocoa made with milk and a dollop of whipped cream. Pair that with a bulky breakfast burrito or a blueberry muffin for a full breakfast or yummy afternoon snack.

Where: 514 E 36th St, Charlotte, NC 28205

5. Not Just Coffee

Just like the name says, Not Just Coffee is doing more than just perfectly roasted craft coffee drinks. There’s a bunch of different locations so you can always get your cocoa fix, from Dilworth to Packard Place to 7th St. There are two different hot chocolates–one for kids at a lower temp and the normal size. They’ve also got different milk options from almond to oat if you’re dairy-free.

Where: 1026 Jay St, Charlotte, NC 28208

6. Cafe Monte

For one of the best hot cocoas on this list, head over to Cafe Monte, a French restaurant and bakery that provides a little something unique from an otherwise normal day. Try their hot chocolate made with milk from their cafe menu for a deliciously sweet complement to one of their almond croissants or a classic ├ęclair.

Where: 6700 Fairview Rd #108, Charlotte, NC 28210

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