5 Delicious & Innovative Concept Kitchens That Should Not Be Missed

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5 Delicious & Innovative Concept Kitchens That Should Not Be Missed

From Jewish to homemade pot pies.

The concept of ghost kitchens is one that appeared out of necessity. During the pandemic, contactless take-out and delivery was crucial for everyone’s safety. Now, ghost kitchens, which are built around the concept of strictly contactless delivery, have still been making waves in Charlotte for their often unique food options. We’ve highlighted 5 of our favorite, so far, and prompt you to try them out.

1. Messhugah

This is Charlotte’s premier Jewish scratch Kitchen & Bakery operating in the area. They’re cooking smoked pastrami on rye and reuben sandwiches out of the kitchen of GraciousKitchen, which is another innovative spot promoting sustainability in the food industry.  While they may not be kosher, they’re as locally sourced as they can be, which is always a good thing. If you’re interested in learning more about the intersection of Jewish food and the South, they’ve got a free virtual event happening in May that you can register for here.

2. Sea Level

Sea Level is passionate about serving farm-to-fork Oysters here in North Carolina and is only one of a handful of restaurants with a relationship to Oyster farms here in the country. This ensures that the oysters are as sustainably produced, without a ton of outside factors. High Tide Hospitality is the umbrella kitchen that runs Sea Level and The Waterman Fish Bar, where people can indulge in farm-fresh oysters for only $1 and other delicious seafood options.

3. Thoughtful Baking Co.

Thoughtful Baking Co. is Charlotte’s first online Pot Pie kitchen, and we couldn’t be more hype. Savory Pot Pies, especially when they’re homemade, are one of life’s most decadent foods. From Plant-based Pie to Traditional Chicken Pot Pie to even sweet ones like Strawberry Lemonade, they’ve got both savory and sweet. They’re doing pick-up orders at Birdsong Brewing so come on in and taste test a craft beer alongside your homemade pie. Check out their website to order.

4. Sun’s Kitchen

Located inside the The City Kitch, a Commercial Kitchen Community, this pop up is based off of the street food of Asia and family recipes. You can get everything from homemade dumplings to braised meat and noodle soups.

5. Cheat’s Cheesesteaks

Cheat’s Cheesesteak is Charlotte’s first cheesteak pop up, serving up delicious and filling cheesesteak with prime rib and melty cheese inside a toasted bun. Keep an eye on their website for their next pop up!


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