Charlotte’s First Vintage Game Bar, Abari, Is Set To Re-Launch By The End Of The Year

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Charlotte’s First Vintage Game Bar, Abari, Is Set To Re-Launch By The End Of The Year

Set your phasers to fun.

Charlotte’s first vintage arcade, Abari Game Bar, has had a rough year. The bar’s fate was still up in the air after a tumultuous year with the pandemic, and the owner, Zach Pulliam, wasn’t sure if he ever wanted to reopen again. On a viral Reddit post,  he wrote,

“First of all, I want to clear up the current position of Abari. As most of you know, Abari was originally forced to shut down due to the pandemic. After a few months of not being open, I was told the land Abari is on was being sold to developers. This prompted me to really lose faith in ever opening again, but peoples’ encouragement led me to search for a new location.”

The post garnered massive support from arcade fans and friends alike, with fans asking how to sign a petition to get everything up and running, and offering support.

photo by kyle nieber via unsplash

This was back in January, and it appears on Abari’s Instagram account, that “Super Abari” has had its first set of plans approved by the city. “While the process is taking longer than we hoped, September should bring a lot of progress and we are still hoping to open by the end of the year.”

The new “Super Abari” is only a mile away from the old location in 1015 Seigle Ave. and is double the size so there’ll be a designated lounge and gaming area. They’re also hoping to input larger games like skee-ball alongside all the vintage arcade games you know and love.

We’ll keep you updated with any new leads but for now, which arcade game are you most excited to dig into when the time comes? For us, it’s the old vintage Donkey Kong. 


Where: 1015 Seigle Ave.


[Featured image by Element5 Digital from Pexels]

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