Charlotte CanDo A Lot – And These Cute Signs Across the City Are Proof

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Charlotte CanDo A Lot – And These Cute Signs Across the City Are Proof

You can fly, you can laugh, you can even do a silly dance if you’re in Charlotte.

If you’re from Charlotte, chances are you’re familiar with the CanDo signs in public spaces. According to Charlotte’s official website, “The goal of this project, co-led by the City Manager’s Office and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department, is to flip the typical use of signs.” Instead of saying ‘no’ like ‘No trespassing’ or ‘no swimming,’ the project made an effort to do the opposite in an effort to reinforce positive behavior.

The signs range from fun to silly. “You can downward dog with your dog,” “You can pretend to fly,” and “You can high five a friend” are just some of the signs around the city. There’s even a bilingual sign! “Se Puede! Corre con tu perro.” The website is also asking for anyone who takes photos of the signs to use the hashtag #CanDoSigns to promote positivity and interaction from locals and tourists alike.

courtesy of reddit user / zarly88

The all-women led team created these signs in some of their favorite areas of the city – Anita Stroud Park, NoDa, and Polk Park are just some of the locations mentioned. The signs, along with two commissioned murals, are just a part of the initiative to beautify the neighborhood and reflect positivity.

If you’re interested to check out all of the CanDo signs in the area, check out this map that takes you on route to get a glimpse of all the ones in the city. Which one is your favorite?


featured image by David Waldron

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