10 Shops For Traditional And Non-Traditional Milk Tea Toppings In Charlotte

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10 Shops For Traditional And Non-Traditional Milk Tea Toppings In Charlotte

The combinations are endless.

They may call them toppings, but these delicious add-ons usually sink to the bottom of your milk tea to make a delicious (and oftentimes pretty) end to a sweet milk or fruited tea. The term ‘boba’ has become synonymous with Taiwanese Milk tea, but the boba is actually the starchy tapioca balls that sit at the bottom of your tea.  In order to combat the Boba shortage happening in the states, we we wanted to highlight 10 of the best Milk Tea Spots in Charlotte to get traditional toppings–like boba–as well as highlight some interesting toppings you can try if you’re feeling like having something a little fun and different this week.

1. Milk ChaCha

All Milk Tea shops have their specialities, and for Milk ChaCha, it’s definitely their premium fruit teas. The spring/summer menu is now available, and they’ve added 26 new flavors. From their new Fresh Strawberry Mango Tea (which looks like a slushy-blended consistency) to a Brown Sugar Mocha Swirl Tea. Top them with aloe vera, crystal boba, strawberry heart or green apple star jelly.

Where: 4620 Piedmont Row Dr Suite 170A, Charlotte, NC 28210

2. Ding Tea

This Taiwanese tea shop has made its way across Taiwan, China, Japan, and across the states. With over 1,000 stores, you can imagine they’ve been able to perfect their tea recipe. Ding Tea promises quality and selective premium tea in every cup. They’ve recently launched a new topping at the Charlotte location: fresh taro, a root vegetable that tastes sweet and can be pureed. You can get a standard milk tea topped with taro or topped with taro and golden boba. Or get a little fancier and try one topped with burnt cream.

Where: 4841 Shopton Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278

3. Gong Cha

Gong Cha is the place you go to if you’re craving fruit and dessert toppings. From delicious red bean and milk foam, to the more unique basil seeds and rainbow jellies for a colorful addition. One of their newest types of teas is their Panda Milk Tea, topped with crunchy white pearls and chewy black boba for a delicious mix. You also have to try their Creme Brûlée topping, a custard-like burnt sugar topping reminiscent of the yummy dessert of the same name.

Where: 601 S Kings Dr suite k, Charlotte, NC 28204

4. Match Cafe Maiko

Matcha Cafe Maiko’s speciality is their premium matcha and an assortment of drinks and desserts that combine Hawaiian, Taiwanese, and Japanese influences. They’re drinks are definitly on the dessert-side with whipped cream toppings in matcha, chocolate, a blend, and cheese matcha which is more of a creamy foam than a whipped cream. Matcha Cafe Maiko is also famous for their 24k gold leaf topping on their soft serves which you can try as well.

Where: 8128 Providence Rd #900, Charlotte, NC 28277

5. Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu was founded in Queens, NY in 2010 with the goal of creating high-quality premium drinks that not only look good for the gram, but taste good as well. They’ve now expanded to over 250 locations nation-wide. They’re toppings include  the traditional egg pudding, coconut jelly, and red bean to the more unique coffee popping bubbles and herbal jelly.

Where: 8200 Providence Rd #1000, Charlotte, NC 28277

6. Queen City TeaBar

At QCTea Bar, you can get delicious toppings in fresh teas, milk teas, cold brew Vietnamese coffees, and even fruit smoothies. Try a Vietnamese coffee with sea salt cold foam or a Butterfly Lemonade with Rainbow jelly for a colorful treat. Customizing is fun and interesting, and you can choose between sweetness levels, sizes, and even ice level. They’re also serving food like wings, fries, and pastries for the ultimate Taiwanese meal.

Where: 8200 Providence Rd #1000, Charlotte, NC 28277

7. ShareTea

Share Tea has been around since the 90s, and have a huge range of drinks they’ve developed over time. Some of their signature drinks are the Mojito series which are flavored with lime or mango and topped with mint. For a sweeter signature, try the Ice Cream series where you can get Matcha blended tea with red bean and ice cream or an Iced Blended Mango topped with a scoop of vanilla.

Where: 1204 Central Ave UNIT 102, Charlotte, NC 28204

8. Binki Cafe

Binki is always doing interesting things with their teas to keep them interesting and fun. Their toppings are in four categories: traditional like boba, jelly or pudding from Premium that includes crystal or popping boba, whipped cream, and Milk Cap which is a milky foam.  Milks can be substituted as well! Try their unique Yo-Da series which is part tea, part yogurt, and part soda or their Galaxy series which are teas layered with combinations of fruit juices and flower tea topped with a flashing LED ice cube.

Where: 9211 N Tryon St #5, Charlotte, NC 28262

9. Tea Fusion Cafe

From Strawberry shortcake bubble teas to delicious Thai tea, as well as Rose teas, Tea Fusion cafe is doing premium traditional teas with yummy boba and jelly toppings.

Where: 440 E McCullough Dr unit #116, Charlotte, NC 28262

10. Around the World Cafe

Around the World features premium loose-leaf teas in their drinks and delicious, quality toppings. From boba in two sizes–regular and baby-to bursting beads in fruity flavors like passionfruit and mango, to jellies, Around the Word has got your standard fruit toppings covered.

Where: 5110 Park Rd 1-K, Charlotte, NC 28209

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